Wandering Kiwi samples Brazilian chocolate delights.

I’m afraid I have been a bit remiss in blogging lately, mainly because I moved back to NZ and so didn’t do much wandering.  However, my wandering has not stopped altogether, so more chocolate adventures are in store.

So I have been visiting Curitiba, Parana state in southern Brazil, and can’t speak highly enough of their delicious desserts, cakes and sweets! Amazing! And everywhere! Not what I first associated with Brazil, but a great surprise. The best of all, in my view (at least of those I have sampled), is Bolo dois Amores (two lovers cake). It contains layers of chocolate sponge and vanilla sponge, layers of doce de laite (a bit like caramel, but smoother and more delicious), I think perhaps some brigadiero (another delicious chocolatey/condensed milk mixture) and white and milk chocolate. Yuuuuuummmmmm.



Wandering Kiwi implicated in Tim Tam explosion

In fact, I caused the Tim Tam explosion!  What is a Tim Tam explosion you may ask?  Well, firstly, what is a Tim Tam?  It’s a biscuit, from Australia, that consists of two chocolate rectangular biscuits, with chocolate cream/icing in the middle, and then dipped in chocolate.  They are one of the best biscuits in the world, in my humble opinion. And no, English people, they are nothing like Penguins!  Penguins are a pale imitation, without the distinctive Tim Tam flavour (and brilliant name – and no, I don’t have shares in the company).

To create a Tim Tam explosion, follow these steps:

1. You will need:

  • Your favourite hot drink.  I prefer hot chocolate (you can never have too much), but you can also do it with coffee, tea, or any other hot drink that you think will go well.
  • Several Tim Tams.  1 Tim Tam = 1 exlosion, but I warn you that you will not be able to stop at 1!  Tim Tams are readily available in supermarkets in Australia and New Zealand, but not so easy to find in other places.  There is an online shop called sanza.co.uk that supplies them in the UK.  My Sainsbury’s used to have them, but doesn’t any more.


2. Unless you have really strong suction, you will probably need to bite the ends off the Tim Tam.


3. Dip one end of the Tim Tam in the hot drink, and then suck on the other end.  If you do it properly, the hot drink will come up through the middle of the two biscuits, mixing with the chocolate filling and creating a delicious explosion of chocolatey heaven in your mouth!  I warn you though, you have to be quite quick about it, or the entire biscuit will disintegrate in your fingers and fall into the drink, floating around and creating a soggy  mess (not a good taste!).  So, suck for a while, then quickly pop the whole biscuit into your mouth and experience the delights of the mixtures of different chocolatey flavours.  Absolutely wonderful!

4. Try again… and again…. and again… Until you can’t fit any more in, or the Tim Tams run out, which ever happens first.

timtam5 timtam4


…and let me know what you think!


Wandering Kiwi raids cake display

At my local cafe, I came across this tastefully arranged display.  I just had to try the chocolate and beetroot cake, and the chocolate tiffin, and the fruit loaf.  I didn’t eat them all at once, I promise!  The chocolate and beetroot cake was delicious – moist, and I could taste a slight hint of beetroot, but it did not seem strange.  The two flavours went really well together.  And no, the cake was not purple!

The chocolate tiffin was iced, with hundreds and thousands.  Quite unusual and I can’t say I liked the combination – it tasted slightly almondy (a bit like marzipan maybe?), but didn’t go so well with the tiffin.

Fruit loaf also delicious.

Lucky for me the world is full of chocolate!

Actually, today I’m having a chocolate free day, would you believe?  It doesn’t happen very often, but today is the day!


Wandering Kiwi relishes Chocaberry Pie

I just had a delicious chocaberry pie in Nottingham. The chocolate part was rich, dark, moist, fudge like and very tasty, combined with what tasted to me like cherry rather than berry. It reminded me a bit in flavour of a cross between a Cherry Ripe chocolate bar and a Black Forest Cherry Cake. On a rare sunny day, it was a treat. See also below last Saturday’s yummy fruit scone with fresh strawberries and cream. Perfect for a spring day.
chocaberry piestrawberry scone


Wandering Kiwi speculates on how chocolatey a chocolate biscuit/cookie can be…

My favourite type of chocolate biscuit (or cookie, depending on where you come from), is a chocolate coated triple chocolate chip cookie.  This type of biscuit contains chocolate chips of white chocolate, dairy chocolate and dark chocolate, and is also dipped in/coated in chocolate.  Some are only half coated in chocolate (e.g. the bottom half), but the best ones are completely coated in chocolate, on top of the chocolate chips and the chocolate flavoured biscuit mixture.  How much chocolate can you get?  Delicious!  What’s your favourite type of chocolate biscuit/cookie?